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Kits and Bits for the Home Constructor

KRC-2 Regenerative Receiver Kit


Excellent sensitivity

3 Ranges

Bedspread Tuning

Sensitivity control

Speaker output

Battery Powered

What better way to enjoy shortwave listening than with a receiver you have built yourself. Introduced in 2003, the KRC-2 has proved avery popular kit. Referred to in the USA as a “Regenerode”. Unlike most regenerative receivers the regeneration setting is not affected by receiver tuning or antenna coupling. The regenerative receiver operates at 10.7Mhz  and tuning is accomplished in the mixer/oscillator that precedes it. This board comes pre-constructed in the fully assembled case. Taking the stress out of the build. The case surround is ready for you to paint in a colour of your choice. The regenerative receiver is assembled on a single printed circuit board. The receiver has only one transistor ( 2n3904 ) and one integrated circuit ( LM386 ). Bringing the project within the capabilities of most constructors. And we ship world wide.

£59.99 + p&p £10.00


Powered by 6 x AA cells
Frequency coverage:
Band 1      1-10 Mhz
Band 2     11- 20 Mhz
Band 3     20-30 Mhz
Case dimensions 7 x 4 x 3 inches
Includes all hardware.



Regenerative Board.

The kit includes a printed circuit board fully drilled with all the component values clearly marked on the top side. It's shown here populated with components. The loud speaker and regenearation control have been connected prior to it being fitted to the case.



Final Assembly.

The pre-drilled and labled case supplied with your receiver. Ready to take the regenerative board.

SSB mode receiving Shannon Volmet on 5.505 mHz

AM mode receiving China Radio on 17.650 mHz

AM mode receiving Radio Saudi on 21.505 mHz