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Kits and Bits for the Home Constructor


Sold out. Next available February 2023

A step by step approach to building a Superhet Receiver.

For the Keen Radio Constructor

First introduced in 2002 the step by step approach to building a superhet receiver proved very popular with our customers. By listening to their observations we were able to enhance the design in 2007. In 2014 we pushed the kit even further forward by adding an option on a digital display. Keeping the original step by step concept, the basic 5 band superhet starts life as a medium wave TRF receiver. This easy to construct receiver is added to the ready made mixer/oscillator, transforming your TRF receiver to a superhet, that can be tailored to your needs, with the addition of all or any of the available options . The TRF in the basic kit is built around a Q multiplier. Remember, KRC kits are designed to make construction easy. The high Q tuning coil is pre wound! And supplied as an assembly! The PCB is supplied with component marking on the top side! Avoiding ambiguity and errors in component placement. Don’t forget your kit is supported by the KRC get you going service. If at any stage of construction your kit fails to work, just return it to us, with a cheque for £10 and we will return it to you in full working order. The completed superhet receiver is shown above, all ready for fitting to the case, supplied as part of your basic kit. Detailed setting up instructions are provided and NO specialised test equipment is required to do this.


KRC-1 Basic Kit     £78.60 + Shipping


Shipping.    Our standard charge covers First Class Post on UK orders. Orders outside the UK will be sent International Economy. This service works but your order may take in excess of six weeks to reach you. International track and trace is available by using the check down box below. Although slightly more expensive your order should arrive within 7 days of dispatch and you can track your order with number we provide.

Basic Kit


Remember any of these options can be fitted at any time in any order.


Bring in those CW and SSB signals. As you can see in the previous pictures full provision has been made on the basic kit to accept this option with no cutting or drilling. Once you have built the BFO it will fit straight into your superhet receiver. A small adjustment of the on board trimmer and you will be away.



£26.76 + Shipping



Bring your receiver into the 21st century with this PIC based option. Providing accurate display of the received frequency on a 4 digit LED display. Don’t panic, no knowledge of PIC’s or programming is required by you. All this is taken care of by us, we provide you with a pre programmed tested PIC. All you have to do is solder it in the board and you’ve entered the digital age!


£40.48 + Shipping

Frequency Display


Your basic receiver will include everything you require to build the five band superhet. Even the batteries are supplied if you are ordering from the UK.


  • BFO.    For the reception of CW/SSB transmissions.
  • Frequency display.    Providing digital display of your received frequency.


  • AM        Better than 3 micro volts for 10db signal plus noise to noise ratio.
  • CW/SSB    Better than 1 micro volt for 10 milli watts of audio.
  • Selectivity    Plus and minus 5 kilo Hertz to the 3db points.
  • Battery powered 6 x AA cells
  • Antenna Random wire.

Typical band coverage